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Tech Rewired and NXIS Enterprises are Veteran owned and operated; Through a formal teaming agreement we strive to implement service and technology solutions that overcome the obstacles and hardships of life. Specifically, our solutions focus on solving a variety of issues relating to risk and threat management as it concerns security and safety of personal, business, and government/law enforcement. Our technique is unique in that it is made possible by providing advanced, powerful, and customized Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Our Mission

We set out to achieve what most thrive to seek but are unable to find. Our mission is to actively pursue threats to society and provide comprehensive solutions to enable a brighter future.

Our Plan

To provide the perfect balance of services complimented by our products to ensure the safety and security of our clients. Offering end-to-end support for any security threat you may face.

Our Vision

Opportunity can be found everywhere you look. However, some find a thrill in bringing others great misfortune. We envision a future where disabling those individuals is simple and becomes an issue of the past.

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Meet our unparalleled leaders that makes all of this possible.

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We offer a diverse set of services to enable your success unhindered by any unforeseen events or threat that may come your way. Coupled by our remote teams that can assist at a moments notice, you'll never be unprepared.


We push the realm of what's thought to be impossible using security and safety as a driving force. Our team puts special focus on the little things, for the small details are what makes our products the standard of innovation.

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Digging through digital forensic data has always been taxing. However, our simple keyword search process powered by A.I. allows you to find the files, videos, or images that you need in a fraction of the time.


Camera systems are a reactive security measure. However, Foresight acts as a force multiplier and transforms your system to a proactive safe guard. Monitoring all of your cameras 24/7 and alerting security staff of potential problems or threats.


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